4 Life Lessons

Why Being Yourself is so Important but Challenging

Photo by Alex Iby on Unsplash

2. The stupidest thing you could ever do is trusting someone with your secrets. They will ask you to do whatever you want; ask to share who you really are and then they will use it against you.

3 . Personal success in life is not linear; you’ll often doubt yourself whether or not you are doing the right thing.

The one and only signs are that when you are doing the right thing you’ll feel energetic and happy; But if you are feeling regret, unhappy or drained, know that at this moment you are under someone else’s influence who is making you doubt your true self and trying to manipulate you into becoming part of their average herd.

4. You can either succeed on the basis of quality which you get when you listen to yourself;

Or If you are incompetent you try to get this power by making a large team of others like you or people even below you. So, you won’t feel left behind or just the only looser.



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