Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Don’t run after me or away from me.

I’m the most silent and grave part of the ocean;

all that moves a lot disturbs me, so I stay away from it.

But anything that is silent and serene and strong with its solid roots; attracts me.

Run after me or away from me and I’m gonna banish u with the high walls of my field.

Stay still and calm and I’m slowly gonna come to you; gonna attach and gonna become part of you!

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Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

And then in the humdrum of life, she found that one selfless Godly Daemon who loved her beyond his interests;

Who loved her just for her, and who silenced himself to hear what she couldn’t have said.

And he ascertained to her that love and humanity do exist; that integrity does exist;

that technical buzzers still haven’t killed heart-to-heart signals, and that serenity still exists.

And that life is still beautiful, and every day is still worth living.

That wars are over, and that angels still come to rescue;

that she is no recluse, but deeply attached, deeply connected, deeply heard, and understood!

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