Your Phone is the Strongest Anxiety Trigger

3 min readAug 15, 2021

How Your Phone is Eating Your Peace of mind

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Humans are built on a balance. So, we automatically seek it in every aspect of our lives, from spending time with friends and family to spending time alone. From physical activities to sleep to work to vacations.

But there is something which is not leaving our side, and that is our mobile phones.

It makes us constantly chase after something and yet nothing feels satisfying.

Major Issues

1. We Constantly seek validation

Before the era of mobile phones, this wasn’t a problem. But now that we see people posting updated stuff, we feel like we are left behind so instead of pursuing something that will add value to our real life, we merely seek some short satisfaction of posting something on social media. we spend time figuring out and trying to post something cool and better than others and then we constantly glue ourselves to check if people are liking us. if they think we are cool.

2. We are Dissatisfied With Our Relationships

We are constantly bombarded with texts and snaps and notifications and requests from several people that if we have had a real-life relationship we began to take it for granted. Every small conflict turns into a major ego fight because we assume we have so many people around us and we can always find someone even better. So, we keep moving from one person to another and get stuck in this loop.

3. We Can’t Focus on What Matters

The most important thing to achieve in life is “focus” and determination. In order to solve a problem, understanding a theory, or create something focus is the key requirement. But, constantly checking our phones is what keeps us distracted, and our short concentration spans never let us get to the point where we could create something truly remarkable, using our fullest potential.

What We Can Do to Avoid It?

  • The best solution is to use this piece of technology, rather than being used by it.
  • Internalize this that you don’t have to use your phone to tell you what you should do; instead, make a plan an early morning or whenever you wake up that what are the tasks that you want to accomplish on this particular day.
  • Write these tasks on a physical paper and stick to it throughout the day.
  • To check your social media specify two times a day. One after 6 hours of your sleep and the other 2 hours before bed. Assign 10 minutes to each session and do not touch your phone after that.
  • In the beginning, it may feel like you are missing out on many things, but eventually, you will realize how much time you are saving for things and goals that really matter.
  • Do not Install any social media website on your laptop or computer where you work.
  • Think to yourself that computer or your laptop doesn’t have any such feature, and use them only for work.
  • You must have a floor or two in your house. To avoid phone distraction it is best to put your phone on another floor, so you couldn’t reach it with another instinct. This technique works wonders for me.
  • Once I have put my phone on another floor of my house, doesn’t matter how stronger an urge gets, but when it comes to going on another floor, usually it faints away and I keep working on what am I doing at the moment.

I hope some of these techniques will work for you, if yes, I’d love to hear your comment on that. And if you like what you read, follow me for more:)




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